Please note the version 1.10 is compatible with hudson 279 or later. For older builds, please use 1.9.

What does this do?

This plugin performs subversion tagging (technically speaking svn copy) on successful build.

This is useful when you want to access the stable codebase.

How tagging works?

  1. Read Subversion authentication information from Hudson's Subversion SCM configuration.
  2. Delete the existing tag if exists.
  3. Perform URL to URL svn copy.

Please note that svn copy is cheap because it doesn't duplicate file contents when not necessary. URL to URL copy is also fast because there is no data transfer from Hudson to Subversion, unlike maven scm plugin's "tag" goal.
The tag base URL must be created in advance.


Subversion Authentication

When you specify subversion repo URL, you are requested to enter authentication information. The values are stored in hudson.scm.SubversionSCM.xml in HUDSON_HOME directory. This plugin obtains the authentication information directly from Hudson core's Subversion SCM class so the principal and credential specified here is used for subversion authentication.

System configuration

Basic configuration for the project with one svn location

The default tag base URL and the template of tag comment can be specified. Those values are automatically populated when this plugin is enabled in the job's configuration.

Configuration for the project with multiple svn locations
Relative URL

Job configuration

You can customize the tag base URL and comment specific for the job. The default values specified at System configuration is populated as the default values when the plugin is enabled.

Known limitations


Please create an issue ticket and specify svn-tag as the sub-component when you find bugs, improvement ideas, or create a patch.
Please include the version of svn-tag plugin, subversion repository URL location(s), tag base URL, and the layout of your svn repositories.


01/29/09 Version 1.10

This version requires Hudson build 279 or later.

08/14/08 Version 1.9

08/14/08 Version 1.8

08/13/08 Version 1.7

08/12/08 Version 1.6

08/09/08 Version 1.5

07/31/08 Version 1.4

07/20/08 Version 1.3

04/18/08 Version 1.1

04/17/08 Version 1.0