This plugin allows Jenkins to invoke Rake tasks as build steps.

The plugin detects the ruby VM installed on the host and it allows you to include new instances. You can configure Jenkins to allow that each project will select the installation that will use.

This plugin works as other builders like Ant builder or Gant builder. You just need to specify the Rake tasks to run but you can also configure other Rake options.

Rvm integration

Since version 1.7 the Rake plugin also detects the machine's Rvm installation and collects its Ruby instances to use them as normal instances:

If your Rvm installation is not in the default directory, $HOME/.rvm, the path can be modified into the Jenkins' system configuration panel:


1.8.0 (2014/03/13)
1.7.8 (2013/08/06)
1.7.7 (2011/08/13)
1.7.6 (2011/03/22)
1.7.3 (2010/10/30)
1.7.2 (2010/10/28)
1.7.1 (2010/09/21)
1.7 (2010/09/18)
1.6.3 (2010/04/16)
1.5 (2009/03/16)
1.4 (2009/01/20)
1.2 (2008/09/18)
1.1 (2008/08/22)