Tricentis Continuous Integration plugin integrates Jenkins with Tricentis Tosca CI and allows users execute Tricentis Tosca tests via Jenkins.

For more details on Tricentis Tosca and Tosca Continuous Integration pls refer to the following links:

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Tosca Continuous Integration documentation.



Executing tests from Jenkins

"Tricentis Continuous Integration" build step configuration

To execute tests in Tricentis Tosca CI, a new "Tricentis Continuous Integration" build step should be added:

Field Name (pipeline property)RequiredDescription
Tricentis Client Path (tricentisClientPath)YesPath to either ToscaCIClient.exe or ToscaCIJavaClient.jar file. If ToscaCIJavaClient.jar is used, JRE 1.7 or higher should be installed on Jenkins Slave machine and JAVA_HOME environment variable should be set accordingly
Endpoint (endpoint)Yes

This specifies the IP address of the webservice when the execution is performed on an external test computer. The webservice can be the TOSCARemoteExecutionService of the external test computer or the Manager Service of the Tosca Distribution Server

Configuration File (configurationFilePath)

NoPath to Tricentis CI test execution configuration XML file

"Tricentis Continuous Integration" pipeline configuration

For users using Jenkins Pipelines it is possible to specify Tricentis Tosca build logic using pipeline script:

pipeline {    
    agent any
    stages {
       stage('Build') {
          steps {
             tricentisCI tricentisClientPath: '$TRICENTIS_HOME\\ToscaCI\\Client\\ToscaCIClient.exe', configurationFilePath: 'configuration.xml', endpoint: 'http://localhost:8732/TOSCARemoteExecutionService/'


Once the job is configured, simply run the job. Here is Jenkins job output example:

Tricentis reports are automatically published to the Jenkins: