This plugin allows you to configure email notifications for build results. This is a break-out of the original core based email component.


In order to be able to send E-Mail notifications mail server configuration must be introduced in the Manage Jenkins page,  Configure System > E-mail Notification section. Available options are:

There are some advanced options as well:

In order to test the configuration, you can check the Test configuration by sending test e-mail checkbox, provide a destination address at the Test e-mail recipient field and clicking the Test configuration button.


E-Mail notifications are configured in jobs by adding an E-mail notification Post-build Action. If configured, Jenkins will send out an e-mail to the specified recipients when a certain important event occurs:

  1. Every failed build triggers a new e-mail.
  2. A successful build after a failed (or unstable) build triggers a new e-mail, indicating that a crisis is over.
  3. An unstable build after a successful build triggers a new e-mail, indicating that there's a regression.
  4. Unless configured, every unstable build triggers a new e-mail, indicating that regression is still there.

The Recipients field must contain a whitespace or comma-separated list of recipient addresses. May reference build parameters like $PARAM.

Additional options include:


Version 1.23 (Jan 4, 2019)

Version 1.22 (Oct 19, 2018)

Version 1.21 (Mar 26, 2018)

Version 1.20 (Mar 20, 2017)

If the security fix is undesirable in a particular instance, it can be disabled with either or both of the following two system properties:

  • -Dhudson.tasks.MailSender.SEND_TO_UNKNOWN_USERS=true: send mail to build culprits even if they do not seem to be associated with a valid Jenkins login.
  • -Dhudson.tasks.MailSender.SEND_TO_USERS_WITHOUT_READ=true: send mail to build culprits associated with a valid Jenkins login even if they would not otherwise have read access to the job.

Version 1.19 (Jan 31 2017)

Version 1.18 (Sep 4 2016)

Version 1.17 (Apr 20 2016)

Version 1.16 (Oct 29 2015)

Version 1.15 (Feb 4 2015)

Version 1.14 (Feb 2 2015)

Version 1.13 (Jan 23 2015)

Version 1.12 (Nov 06 2014)

Version 1.12-beta-1 (Aug 25 2014)

Version 1.11 (Aug 18 2014)

Version 1.10 (Aug 06 2014)

Version 1.9 (Jul 08 2014)

Version 1.8 (Dec 17 2013)

Version 1.7 (Dec 16 2013)

Version 1.6 (Dec 05 2013)