The Compuware ISPW Operations plugin allows Jenkins users to execute ISPW operations, such as Generate, Promote, Deploy or Regress on the mainframe. Users can seamlessly integrate ISPW build process with Jenkins. 


The following are required to use this plugin:

Installing in a Jenkins Instance

Configuring Host Connections and CES Tokens

Executing ISPW Operations

Using Pipeline Syntax to Generate Pipeline Script

  1. Do one of the following:

  2. From the Sample Step list, select ispwOperation: Perform a Compuware ISPW Rest API request and return a JSON object.

  3. From the Host connection list, select the host connection that contains a valid CES URL.

  4. From the CES secret token, select the corresponding CES token for the CES server.

  5. From the Action, select the ISPW operation to be performed.
  6. From the Request body, enter the corresponding properties for the specific action, click question mark help for more detail for each action
  7. Click Generate Pipeline Script. The Groovy script to invoke the Compuware ISPW Operations plugin appears. The script can be added to the Pipeline section when configuring a Pipeline job. A sample script is shown below:

    ispwOperation connectionId: 'e0fbb6eb-b01d-4d55-b18b-2f321c174474', credentialsId: 'f1d2762b-9a40-46ad-a9df-b982147acc85', ispwAction: 'GenerateTasksInAssignment', ispwRequestBody: '''assignmentId=PLAY000313

    For web hook callback, a sample script is shown below

    hook = ispwRegisterWebhook()
    echo "...creating ISPW Jenkins web hook - ${hook.getURL()}"

    ispwOperation connectionId: 'e0fbb6eb-b01d-4d55-b18b-2f321c174474', credentialsId: 'f1d2762b-9a40-46ad-a9df-b982147acc85', ispwAction: 'GenerateTasksInAssignment', ispwRequestBody: '''assignmentId=PLAY000313

    echo "...waiting ISPW Jenkins web hook callback - ${hook.getURL()}"

    data = ispwWaitForWebhook hook
    echo "...CES called back with message: ${data}"

    Note: If the Response body in console checked, debug message will be printed on Jenkins log. 

Pipeline Build Requirement

In order to use pipeline build, your ISPW, CMSC and CES have to be configured properly in order to receive web hook notification. See explanation in the following figure.

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