A Jenkins Plugin to create compute instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute and start agents on them dynamically.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Plugin is dual-licensed to you under the Universal Permissive License (UPL) and Apache License 2.0. Refer https://github.com/jenkinsci/oracle-cloud-infrastructure-compute-plugin/blob/master/LICENSE.txt for License terms


  1. You need to have a oracle cloud account which includes OCI Compute service, to sign up, try Oracle Cloud
  2. Your Jenkins server must be installed with JDK8 or higher version



  1. Plugin is tested on minimum Jenkins version 1.625.3, they may not work with versions early than 1.554.
  2. For Jenkins versions between 1.554 and 1.625, please make sure plugin 'bouncycastle API Plugin' has been pre-installed. This could be checked at 'Manage Jenkins' -> 'Manage Plugins' -> 'Installed' list, and could be found and installed from 'Available' list.



Add New Cloud

  1. From Jenkins server console, click "Manage Jenkins" -> "Configure System"
  2. Click "Add a new cloud" and select "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute"
  3. Enter credentials for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute account (Note you can repeat step 3 multiple times to add multiple Oracle Cloud Infrastructure accounts)
  4. Click "Test Connection" to verify that Jenkins can successfully talk to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service with the account/credential you entered
  5. Click "Advanced" and fill the number in "Instance Cap" field to limit the maximum number of compute instances that are allowed to be created using above account


Add New Template

  1. Click "Add" in "Instance Templates" section to add one resource configuration set for desired compute instances, you can click "Add" multiple times if you need different compute instance configurations.

  2. Input or select values in the 'Instance Template' section:

  3. Click "Verify SSH Key Pair" to verify the public key and private key are matched or not as blew.

  4. Click "Advanced" for more configuration options:

  5. Click "Save" or "Apply"