Exposes Continuum commands that are available via its REST API as pipeline steps.




Common step parameters:


ctmInitiatePipeline serverUrl: 'https://continuum.server.url', credentialsId: 'Continuum', project: 'My Ctm Project', definition: 'My pipeline definition', group: 'master', environmentVariables: '*'

The id of the initiated pipeline instance is recorded in jenkins.plugins.continuum.actions.PipelineInitiatedAction instance within the current Run.

ctmPostPiData, ctmSetPiData

ctmPostPiData serverUrl: 'https://continuum.server.url', credentialsId: 'Continuum', key: 'build_complete', value: 'true', pi: 'running_pipeline_instance_id'
ctmSetPiData serverUrl: 'https://continuum.server.url', credentialsId: 'Continuum', key: 'build_complete', value: 'true', pi: 'running_pipeline_instance_id'

If the pi parameter is not specified, the ids that are recorded in current run's jenkins.plugins.continuum.actions.PipelineInitiatedAction instance are used.

Version History

Version 1 (November 2017)