Publish report and statistics after Stoplight/Scenario execution through Prism.

See https://help.stoplight.io/scenarios/conducting-scenarios-outside-of-stoplight/running-scenarios

This Jenkins plugin is used as "Post Built Action".




mvn package


The plugin can be install with the differents methods described in the Jenkins documentation : Jenkins Plugins - How to install plugins


The plugin is able to parse either JSON format or standard output of Prism (compliant with prism-2.0.0-alpha.7). Choose "Jenkins default console" or "File".

Use in Jenkins Pipeline

This plugin is compliant with new Jenkins Pipeline.

You can use the Snipper Generator or this fragment :

post {
    always {
        // Choose one of these options

        //publishStoplight consoleOrFile: 'console'
        publishStoplight consoleOrFile: 'file', resultFile: "${env.WORKSPACE}/prism.log"   // Use double-quote to have env variables replacement

(Tested with Jenkins 2.60.2)

Job Main Page : trend

Job Main Page : history

Report Build


Thanks to Stoplight.io team.

Revision History

2.2.3 : Fix a major regression.

2.2.2 : Fix an issue causing a "Too many open files" error on the Jenkins server when running a lot of jobs.

2.2.1 : Adding support for Jenkins master/slave configuration

2.2.0 : Licensing under Apache v2.0

2.1.0 : Add support of Jenkins Pipeline (brought with Jenkins 2)

2.0.3 : Fix for icons path

2.0.2 : First public version

< 2.0.2 : Not published