This plugin allows you to capture code coverage reports from PHPUnit. For more information on how to set up PHP projects with Jenkins have a look at the Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects.


You have to use "--coverage-clover" option to generate clover style coverage report.
The following setting is for Phing.

<exec dir="."
      command="phpunit --log-junit 'reports/unitreport.xml'
                       --coverage-html 'reports/coverage'
                       --coverage-clover 'reports/coverage/coverage.xml'

Or use phpunit task with clover style formatter.

<phpunit codecoverage="true" haltonfailure="true" haltonerror="true">
  <formatter type="clover" usefile="false"/>
    <fileset dir="tests">
      <include name="**/*Test*.php"/>

Project configuration

Project screen



0.4 (6 Apr, 2015)

0.3.3 (21 Mar, 2013)

0.3.2 (21 Oct, 2011)

0.3.1 (27 July, 2011)

0.3 (3 Jun, 2011)

0.2 (28 May, 2011)

0.1 (16 May, 2011)