Provides a job view displaying project status in a highly visible manner. This is ideal for displaying on a screen on the office wall as a form of Extreme Feedback Device.

Once the plugin is installed, click on the add view tab and select "Radiator View". The job selection options are the same as the standard list view -- either select projects to include or specify a regular expression to select the options. 
This plugin will be integrated with the claim plugin if it is installed - claimed failures are displayed in a column on the right.


This is showing a Radiator in 'Project' based mode - jobs with a common prefix are grouped together and represented as a single box on the screen. 

Hovering over the project name opens a list of all jobs relating to that project as in the top-left project. Hovering over the ? button provides configuration options. 

There are several different approaches to displaying the radiator, including non-project based and only showing failing builds - give it a try to see some of them. 


JENKINS-20415 causes views of this type to fail to be displayed (see JENKINS-20664 for details) if there are any multi-combination (matrix) jobs defined.

This applies to Jenkins 1.532.1 as well as some number of releases after 1.531 until 1.539. 1.40 has no compatibility issues.

As a workaround, when running on problematic Jenkins core releases, uncheck "Recurse in subfolders" in the view.

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Release 1.28 (06 November 2016):

Release 1.26 (16 February 2016):

Release 1.25 (25 January 2016):

Release 1.24 (25 January 2015):

Release 1.20 (24 September 2014):

Release 1.19 (24 September 2014):

Release 1.18 (18 January 2014):

Release 1.17 (20 October 2013):

Release 1.16 (17 October 2013):

Release 1.15 (12 October 2013):

Release 1.14 (3 October 2013):

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Release 1.12 (18 April 2011):

Release 1.11 (22 March 2011):

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