The Google Code service is shutdown.
Archived versions of this plugin remain available for download.


This plugin creates links from Jenkins projects to Google Code instances.

Google code is a hosting service provided by Google for open source projects.
The plugin decorates Jenkins "Changes" HTML to create links to your Google Code project wiki, tickets, changesets, and source browser.
As an example, if you committed a change with the following log message:

Added NewBetterFunctionality to close issue 456.

your Jenkins job changes page would contain a hyperlink to issue 456 and one to the wiki word NewBetterFunctionality on the Google Code project site.

Changes page with links to the Google code website

In the Jenkins change details, there would be a link to the Google Code project pages for the:

Syntax supported in commit messages

Currently the plugin will create links for the following syntax in commit messages:

Automatic configured SCM

The plugin also adds a SCM that is automatically configured using the Google code project web site. So to check out the code from the Google Code repository you only have to choose it. The plugin will then check out the trunk from the repository. For those users that want to check out a branch that is also available in the Advanced configuration.


Version 1.7 (9 Apr 2012)

Version 1.6 (4 Mar 2011)

Version 1.5 - (13 Aug 2009)

Version 1.4 - (19 Sep 2008)

Version 1.2

Version 1.1