Jenkins Ambassador


With the establishment of Jenkins Area meetup (JAMs), the Jenkins community has grown vastly all over the world. This growth has brought together novice, intermediate, to advanced users. Each level of users has a unique need for Jenkins knowledge and there isn’t enough Jenkins ‘educators’.  

Jenkins Ambassadors are influential Jenkins enthusiasts who have the passion to share their Jenkins technical expertise with others.  Ambassadors help to further the project by helping the community to understand how to use Jenkins and what makes Jenkins powerful.

 Goal of this program

Benefits to Ambassador



An individual who has fulfilled any two (2) of the following Jenkins related criterias within the last six (6) months:

and or

Who can nominate an individual?

Jenkins contributor(s)* can nominate individuals(s)

How to nominate someone
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Alyssa Tong as the events officer will drive this effort and anyone else interested in joining forces are welcome.

*Contributor is defined as someone who is maintainer of Jenkins plugin(s), and or created commits, changed/merged pull requests.