This plugin allows you to start a VMware Virtual Machine before a build and stop it again after the build completes.

This plugin is unmaintained. Significant changes were made in 2008-2009, but they were not completed or released. This plugin may be deprecated and removed from the Update Center if a new maintainer does not volunteer.

Configuring the VMware Plugin

  1. Install VMware VIX on the Hudson Server (Currently the plugin only works with VMware Server, the recommended version of VMware VIX for use with VMware Server is VMware VIX 1.0)
  2. Install the vmware Hudson plugin.
  3. You need to configure the VMware hosts in the Hudson System Configuration:
  4. Enable the "VMware Server VIX Virtual Machine Activation" option in the Build Environment for your Job.
  5. Configure the required options

Meaning of parameters:


Here is an example deployment diagram:

Environment Variable Injection

If you are running in a DHCP or other dynamic IP address assignment network and you do not have control over DNS servers, or if you are running Guest operating systems that do not work with dynamic DNS, it may not be possible to know what the IP addresses of the VMs you are running are.

The VMware plugin can help you.

Have the guest machine make a HTTP GET request of the following URL:http://_yourhudsonserverurl_/plugin/vmware/set?name=BLAH
This will set the environment variable BLAH to the IP address of the last machine to make the GET request.

If your machine is working through a proxy server, you can usehttp://yourhudsonserverurl/plugin/vmware/set?name=BLAH&override=
To clear an IP address use the URL
And finally, if your guest machine needs to link itself up with other guest machines, the URLhttp://yourhudsonserverurl/plugin/vmware/query?name=BLAH
will return the last IP address registered with the name BLAH 

Version History

Version 0.8 (09/04/2008)

Version 0.6 (04/12/2007)

Version 0.5 (03/12/2007)

Version 0.4.0 (07/11/2007)

Version 0.3 (23/10/2007)

Version 0.2 (01/10/2007)

Version 0.1 (28/09/2007)