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This document contains strategies for installing Jenkins on a machine that does not have an internet connection.

To install Jenkins itself, download the appropriate war file and transfer it to your machine.

Plugins are a different matter, due to dependency requirements. Two obvious choices are:
1) Install Jenkins and add required plugins on a network-attached computer. Make an archive of the Jenkins directory structure and transfer it to the offline machine.
2) Transfer Jenkins and plugin files separately and install on offline computer.

If you want to transfer the individual plugins, you'll need to retrieve all dependencies as well. There are several dependency retrieval scripts on Github. For example:

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  1. Unknown User (shrikantdhanawade)

    It does not work like this, it requires manual changes at startup to see Jenkins is up and running.

    Whenever Jenkins is installed and default password is reset, it tries to connect to internet for installing default plugins at first access. There it blocks you.

    You need backend access to $JENKINS_HOME/config.xml, update this file to comment below part 

     <!--installState class="jenkins.install.InstallState$5">


    It disables automatic plugins instalation process and allows you to open Jenkins login poge.

    You also need to reset your encrypted admin password at $JENKINS_HOME/users/admin/config.xml

     <!—Note: passwordHash should not be tampered, it should be on same line. This is temporary setting which is required to login to Jenkins Web for the first time. -->

    You need to put this passwordHash from working Jenkins to enable login to Jenkins URL.
  2. Unknown User (balagurunathan)

    As I'm using tomcat server for Jenkins. when I installing Jenkins it shows like 'This Jenkins instance appears to be offline'.

    Can someone help me with this how to resolve?.

  3. Unknown User (sag47)

    Hi Balaguru,

    Confluence comments do not have a wide audience for help.  I recommend you utilizing the jenkins-users mailing list which has a lot of helpful people.  https://jenkins.io/mailing-lists/