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Jenkins 2.0 Proposal

Overall pitch and its slide version.


  1. We need to claim our rightful place in Continuous Delivery. We have lots of pieces that address these modern needs, but we are not communicating this very well.
  2. We need to revisit out of the box experience, so that Jenkins itself speaks that story and makes it clear what we are aiming for. Our software needs to speak for itself and tell people where we are going, so that the community can better focus efforts on the important parts.
  3. And we need to do this while keeping what makes Jenkins great in the first place, which are the ecosystem, the community, and the extensibility that recognizes that one size does not fit all and let people do what they want to do.


  1. Messaging changes, to make sure people coming into the Continuous Delivery space will get that Jenkins does what they want.
  2. Software that backs up our messages. Out of the box experience that caters to Continuous Delivery needs.
  3. Targeted internal plumbing changes that enable those goals


As this is a big topic, various discussions have spanned out of this. This section attempts to track them.

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