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Plugin Information

View Authentication Tokens API on the plugin site for more information.

Authentication Tokens API Plugin

This plugin provides an API for converting credentials into authentication tokens in Jenkins.

The plugin provides concepts for:

  • Authentication Token Source: converts a type of Credentials into authentication tokens of a certain type.
  • Authentication Token Context: used to specify the context in which the token wants to be used through a series of purposes.
  • AuthenticationTokens utility class to generate matchers and convert credentials into tokens easily. 

Version History

Version 1.3 (17/Jun/2016)

Version 1.2 (7/Sept/2015)

  • Add concept of authentication token context to specify the context in which the token wants to be used.
  • Convert best match of a selection of credentials.

Version 1.1 (17/Apr/2015)

  • Prioritise matches based on goodness of fit

Version 1.0 (09/Apr/2015)

  • Initial release
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