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Plugin Information

View VncViewer on the plugin site for more information.

VncViewer lets you monitor or operate GUI of your running build. You can start HTML5 based VNC viewer via HTML link directly from 'Console output'. This plugin can be used in combination with Xvnc and VncRecorder plugins.

The plugin uses internally HTML5 based VNC client noVNC


  • Linux on Jenkins master node

How you use the plugin in a job

Example for usage together with Xvnc plugin

Start VNC viewer from "Console output"

JIRA issues

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  1. Unknown User (zalimgandhera)


    Is there a way to add multiple VNC server names or dynamically get the slave machine name ? It would help if someone wants to add multiple slaves which have the same label and vnc viewer could show the one on which test was being run.

    It would really be helpful if something like "$[hostname]:5900" could be passed as the VNC server name.



  2. Unknown User (falc0n24)


    Once someone will connect to vnc session, there are many visible information/error/warning in Jenkins console. Is there a possibility to redirect this output to some other log file or to /dev/null?

    BR, Krzysztof

  3. Unknown User (ksudheer)


    Jenkins+xvnc plugin is running with these options in our jobs by default.

    vncserver :84 -localhost -nolisten tcp

    I want to run it without -localhost and i want to run it by mentioning a different port number.

    Please let me know how to.