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This program was approved in the 2014 Jan 22nd project meeting

Overall program structure

We have a "friend of Jenkins" program where we send a small thank-you plugin for donors above $25.

This program creates another donation level, tentatively called "Patron of Jenkins." To show appreciation to patrons of Jenkins, allow them to show messages on our website, in a non obtrusive way.

Format of the patron message

Reuse the dimension and the layout of the text ad that can be seen in http://groovy.codehaus.org/Roadmap. Title, URL, and text.

Where the ad has the "right arrow in a circle" image, allow the placement of the company logo in a single non-animated image of 64px by 64px.

The message must be relevant to Jenkins and the content must be approved by the Project Meeting.

Where to display the patron message

Show the text at the top of the Wiki page just like that codehaus wiki, but not at the bottom. Do this only for 1 in 7 requests, which creates about 200K impressions / month.

Slots and required donation levels

To increase diversity and to reduce administrative overhead, take three months worth of page impressions to 4 "slots", and use this as an unit. Each slot lasts a quarter and gets about 150K impressions during this period.

Eclipse foundation sells 200px by 200px image ad for $2K at 400K hits/month bundle. When we apply this price, each slot is worth about $750.

So we set the required donation level for "Patron of Jenkins" to $750, and offer one slot for every $750.

The donation to the Jenkins community is tax-deductible.

Revisiting the program

Do this for a year, and review this program.


Page hits on various assets on Jenkins website is assembled here

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