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Plugin Information

View Line Numbers on the plugin site for more information.

Plugin description

This plugin will decorate all console logs with bookmarkable line numbers.

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  1. Unknown User (kbeal)

    Hi, I tried this plugin and all the lines have a "1" in front of them.  Why does the line number not increment?

  2. Unknown User (nagger)

    Here (Firefox 31.3.0) the line numbers are incrementing. But the bootmarkable line numbers gets a thousands separator ("#L1.234").

    And much more important the buildstep collapse is destroying the layout completely. I would like to be able to deactivate the collapse-feature at all (I do not need that). Maybe release a different plugin for that.

  3. Unknown User (geri)

    Why does this plugin "wrap all buildsteps into collapsible sections"? It's called Line Numbers Plugin, not Line Numbers and Collapsing Buildsteps Plugin.

    This is against SoC and there's another plugin for this: Collapsing Console Sections Plugin.

    I'd sometimes like to have line numbers in my log but I hate those collapsed sections fervently. They make this plugin unusable for me.

  4. Unknown User (stevengbrown)

    The collapsible sections were removed with Line Numbers Plugin 1.2.