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Plugin Information

View loader.io on the plugin site for more information.

loader.io Plugin

Simple cloud-based load testing for your web apps/apis with thousands of connections via the loader.io API - by SendGrid Labs


1) Make sure you have all the latest plugins available: visit /pluginManager/advanced, select 'check now'

2) Get your free loader.io account for load testing: http://loader.io

3) Make note of your loader.io API key: http://loader.io/settings

4) Goto Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available & locate the loader.io plugin and install it

5) Next, you need to add your loader.io API key to the stored credentials (Manage Jenkins > Manage Credentials)

Test your API key, Once verified, click Save.

Using loader.io for post build load tests

* Note: You'll need to first complete a successful test using your loader.io acct (http://loader.io), once completed your load test config will be available in the plugin

1) In your build config, select the Post-build action "loader.io"

2) Select your test template, enter both the Error % & Response time thresholds. Then click Save.

Viewing your loader.io load test results

When load tests are running during your Post-build actions you can view the Console output and monitor the progress

When your build is complete, you can view the report of the loader.io load test



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