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Plugin Information

View Mock Agent on the plugin site for more information.

Defines a dummy agent launcher and elastic cloud that really runs everything on localhost. Just for testing.


Version 1.13 (Sep 11 2018)

Version 1.12 (Mar 13 2018)

  • Remove connection overhead unless pauses were explicitly requested, bringing performance in line with local JNLP agents or a simple local command launcher.

Version 1.11 (Oct 10 2017)

  • Enable the plugin to work in a version of Jenkins using a snapshot version of Remoting.

Version 1.10 (Sep 09 2016)

  • Allow the mock cloud to use non-one-shot agents with one executor apiece.

Version 1.9 (May 19 2016)

  • Log launch time of agents.

Version 1.8 (Aug 04 2015)

Version 1.6 (Sep 24 2014)

  • Integrating mock cloud with Durable Task Plugin: such tasks can now resume on a mock cloud slave, even using the one-shot retention strategy.

Version 1.5 (Sep 17 2014)

  • Mock cloud slaves will now use a “one-shot” retention strategy when the number of executors is set to 1.

Version 1.4 (Feb 19 2014)

  • Added a mock cloud.
  • Maybe added/restored Java 5/6 compatibility.

Version 1.2/1.3 (Nov 21 2013)

  • Added a whole mock slave as a convenience.