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Plugin Information

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This plugin allows for marking files or directories outside of Jenkins as related to a build.

This plugin allows you to specify a list of files and/or directories to associate with a given build, in that job's configuration. This is to associate files/directories outside of Jenkins which are still produced/controlled/etc by the build in question with that build. They will be reported alongside archived artifacts on the build page, and will be deleted when the build itself is deleted.


Version 0.2.0

  • Released March 23, 2012
  • Export associated files information in Jenkins API.

Version 0.1

  • Released December 23, 2011
  • Initial release.

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (ioannis)

    I use Jenkins as a Bioinformatic workflow engine. Many generated data sets (due to their size) are stored outside the archived artifacts. This plugin provided me with an easy way to delete them when a build is deleted. I was not sure that I could use parameter expansion in the folder names, it looks like I can and its good! So the plugin works well but perhaps you can add some more documentation to the wiki page and a screenshot.Thank you!