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Release 1.3.0

ALPHA available...again

We are happy to announce the availability of yet another alpha.
You can download the ALPHA here
See the page Build Pipeline Plugin - How to Contribute

Background story

Here's a bit of background about this version. We were looking to make the plugin more responsive while adding features requested by the community and fixing bugs that the community has identified. Around the time, 1.2.4-ALPHA was made available, I was supposed to make a few changes but ended up rewriting a large part of the plugin since it was getting a bit hard to maintain. Then billable work got in the way and what not. Excuses, excuses, I know. We finally got our act together, merged a lot of code from our valuable contributors and we are on our way to release a long overdue version.

Help us test the plugin please!

Once again, we are releasing an ALPHA version and we are asking you, the community, to help us test it. While we are trying to release a solid version of the plugin, there are way too many operating environments, permutations and cases for us to be able to cover. If you can, please download the version of the plugin and give us your feedback.

Release notes

Release notes

Release 1.2.4

ALPHA available...

Please help: Volunteers wanted for testing

You can download the ALPHA and add your findings to https://centrum.box.com/signup/collablink/d_160471867/70d66d7602373

See the page Build Pipeline Plugin - How to Contribute






User able to trigger job bypassing the security



Users with no permissions to start a build can start a build using the pipeline plugin



Permissions blocks looking up revision id of a build, because the plugin uses the external api



contrib fixes for #57 & #64



Jquery won't work without internet access.



Exception in Build Pipeline View caused by the "Build Pipeline Plugin -> Manually Execute Downstream Project" setting



target="_blank" causes too many tabs to be opened



show progress bar for currently running jobs



configuration option to display trigger for only the most recent manual build in each pipeline


How to Contribute

We'd appreciate your help. See Build Pipeline Plugin - How to Contribute

High Priority items


(SVN revision number not showing)


(Downstream dependencies of a Maven job with parameterized trigger are not shown)


(Retry uses the default parameters for the job instead of the actual parameters that were originally passed to the job being retried)

Medium Priority items


(Add support for manual parameterized builds)


(Perforce revision numbers are not supported)


(When build-pipeline-view is made default vew , its difficult to get back to All View)

Other items are maintained on Google code - http://code.google.com/p/build-pipeline-plugin/issues/list

Looking further ahead...

21: Support for Join Plugin

There has already been some progress made on this, but it's not quite there yet...

Pipelines of pipelines

It would be great to have the concept of a sub-pipeline. This would allow you to have a clearly understandable top-level pipeline, but still manage complex scenarios:

  • be resued (e.g. deployment to an environment can be several steps that could be reused for each environment)
  • the ability to drill down into sub-pipelines
  • visibility of progress of sub-pipelines from the top-level pipeline

UI Improvement: Layout pipelines

The pipeline steps should be vertically aligned based on pipeline step with the most jobs.

Easier creation of pipelines

Perhaps by cloning entire pipelines, or having configuration that can be shared across a pipeline rather than duplicated in each job

Better support for pipeline parameters

Need to be able to differentiate better what is a pipeline parameter versus a parameter for a single job.

Pipeline metrics

There is a lot of useful information you should be able to capture about your software delivery process, such as bottlenecks in the process, cycle times, rework %ages etc. - would be good to have some reporting around these

What else?

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  1. Unknown User (dankirkd)

    I'm confused as to what is in this release.  I've received email updates that indicate a list of "Affected issues" many of which (if not most - I haven't verified every issue number) are not listed above.

    Then there are issues that show at Google Code as targeted for this release (http://code.google.com/p/build-pipeline-plugin/issues/list?can=1&q=label%3AMilestone-Release1.2.4&colspec=ID+Type+Status+Priority+Milestone+Owner+Summary&cells=tiles) that are not listed.  In particular, one I've been waiting for since May, issue 44, when an incorrect implementation was made to issue 36, the initial request of the feature.  Is 44 part of this release?



    1. Unknown User (geoffbullen)

      Yeah, that is in. I've updated the table above...

      1. Unknown User (dankirkd)

        1. Unknown User (dankirkd)

          Just installed 1.2.4 Alpha and it appears that the fix for Issue #44 is exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you!  My only quibble has to do with the help info for the option, which reads "Only the latest build pipeline will have a manual trigger button."  That's not quite true but I'm not sure how you'd better describe how this works.  Thanks again.

          1. Unknown User (geoffbullen)

            If you come up with a better description, let us know and we will look to incorporate it...

            1. Unknown User (dankirkd)

              I have noticed the following however:

              In the above screenshot you can see that while a pipeline job step is in progress, a Trigger is being displayed below.  That shouldn't happen.  It goes away after the build above completes.

              Also, notice the new progress bar is set to the width determined by the non-wrapping job name, as opposed to the width of the yellow box.

            2. Unknown User (dankirkd)

              How about: "Only the most recent build in the pipeline at each step will have a manual trigger button."

              BTW, I've been using 1.2.4 Alpha now for almost 2 months without issues other than the ones I mentioned here.  I'm curious when it will be generally released?