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Plugin Information

View Dry Run on the plugin site for more information.

This plug-in makes it possible to show all the job tasks (builders, publishers, ...) to be executed as part of a build job.


This plugin enables you to run your job in a dry-run mode.
If build step are dry-run aware (implements DryRun extension point), the dry-run execution is delegated to the build step.
At the moment, the Gradle Plugin and the xUnit Plugin provide the dry-run feature.
And we strongly recommend other plugins to implement the DryRun extension point.



* Fix JENKINS-15171 - The run button must respect the configured rights


* Add a default Jenkins Result as SUCCESS for plugin using dry-un


* Fix dry-run builders


* Add a job property (Enable to choice different types of dry-run for the the job: runlisteners, buildwrappers, builders, ...)


* Remove the dry-run for the maven job type (the maven job type Jenkins implementation is not suitable for a well dry-run)


* Added dry-run for publishers


* Added a badge action to the build history


* Delegate dry-un to the build step if the build step extends DryRun extension point.


* Initial version

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