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Adds a post build configuration option to bring the executing node offline if the build fails.

This can be very useful if you need to examine the environment where the build failed. It can also be used to bring cloud nodes offline (and eventually destroyed) to ensure test never run on a 'dirty' node.

Plugin Information

View OfflineOnFailure on the plugin site for more information.


This plugin contains a failsafe that makes it ignore the master node. This means that the master node will never be taken offline.


Version 1.0

First public release


  1. Unknown User (lumiller98)


    Want to say this plugin is very useful for our team and wondering if you can add an option to choose from failure or unstable.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Unknown User (fmerrow)

    Additionally, I would like to see the failsafe for master be an option . . . if the Disk is Full the Disk is Full . . . in that case even "master" should be taken offline.

  3. Unknown User (lam2558)

    how would it work with this scenario:
    node1 - run test1
    node1 - run test2 in parallel with test1 - it fail, it shut off. what happen to test1?