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Jenkins needs an umbrella foundation of some sort, at a minimum to provide a legal home for the Jenkins trademark/IP, a place to properly handle donations, etc. How much more than that is needed is an open question. This page is intended to provide a venue for discussing the pros and cons of each of the possible homes.

When adding a pro or con, or commenting on existing ones, please make sure to leave your name/username.


Foundations are in alphabetical order.


  • Pros
    • Well know and respected (pablaasmo)
    • Gives good freedom to community to decide framework/design etc.(pablaasmo)
    • real community over code mind (olamy)
    • trademark and legal help possible (olamy)
    • MIT license is compatible with ASL. (abayer)
  • Cons
    • Release process ? (weekly release will be more complicated due to vote process) (olamy)
    • new committer entry (olamy : IHMO not a real issue as the goal is to probably to move only core)
    • back to svn (AFAIK asf use a central svn repo) (olamy : btw is it a problem ?) (andrew: fwiw, ASF has talked about having a git repo, but no one there has stepped up to get it set up/supported - that may be something we'd be able to help with)
      • Is this really true? Why could we not continue to run with github? Can someone explain what the infrastructure constraints are? (magnayn)
    • legal issues regarding gpl libs (olamy : btw same for eclipse)


  • Pros
    • Gets the possibility to join with Hudson again (pablaasmo)
    • Could lead to working closer to the Mylin guys and their Hudson/Jenkins connector (vtintillier)
    • Eclipse projects can use git nowadays (vtintillier)
    • Has a lot of experience to share regarding plugin ecosystems and technology (jutzig)
    • EPL is not MIT compatible (magnayn)
  • Cons
    • Might have more restrictions on how the framework should be. OSGI etc (pablaasmo).
    • Their projects websites are crap and I find them hard to find (vtintillier)
    • If our goal is not to re-unite with Hudson, it's unlikely that Jenkins will be accepted (kutzi)
    • The eclipse IP process makes it very hard for occasional contributors. Many will just give up. (magnayn)
      • For the contributor it's simply a bugzilla and a short statement that the contributor has the right to donate the code. Is that so hard? (jutzig)


  • Pros
    • "takes care of the projects' needs that do not relate directly to software development" (magnayn)
    • Equivalent to being a non-profit organisation, without having to form & maintain one (magnayn)
    • Can hold assets like (c), TM
    • Legal protection & enforcement
  • Cons


  • Pros
    • Apparently very liberal regarding which license to use (kutzi)
  • Cons
  • No labels