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Plugin Information

View Mail Commander Plugin for Jenkins-ci on the plugin site for more information.

Mail Commander Plugin

This plugin is provide function that command with e-mail. Write CLI command to e-mail subject and send to pre setting address. Mail Commander recieve e-mail from pre setting address, and read e-mail subject as CLI command, execute it.


  1. You write a mail with CLI command subject and send to a address which is configured by mail commander.
  2. Jenkins get a "command mail" from POP3 Server and read subject, then execute a CLI Command.
  3. Send a mail of job result to command sender. To decide mail address , use recieve mail's from address.
  4. You recieve a mail with result.

     ※ Notice

     You can recieve result that is CLI command' s result not a build result.

Howto use

  1. Install "mail commander" from menu 'Jenkins>>Plugin manager>>mail commander'.

          Please configure E-mail Notification ( Menu 'Manage Jenkins >> Configure System >> E-mail Notification ) SMTP server, System Admin E-mail Address and Jenkins URL.


     2.   You configure job parameter. Parameter have three points that is build, post build action, and build trigger.

         <Step 1. Build> please select "Mail Commander" and set parameter.


         <Step 2. Post Build Action> please check "MailCommander Notification".


        <Step 3. Build Triggers> please check "MailCommander Polling" and schedule.


        3.  You can write a CLI command in subject and send a mail to POP3 User's address. Please remove -s option (ex. "-s http://\~ (http://~)" ) from normal CLI command.

           normal CLI command sample : java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://localhost:8080/ build testjob

           Mail commander CLI subject sample  : build testjob


Optional function

  • Mail Commander find "groovy" in subject, it is proccess mail content as groovy script.

Change Log

Release 1.0.0

  • initial release.


  1. Unknown User (jimsearle)

    Thanks for the great plugin!  Got it working without any issues.  However I do have some enhancement requests, but there is not a 'mailcommander' component in Jira.  Should I ask here, or wait for the component to be created?

    1. Unknown User (sikakura)

      I don't know how to add a component in JIRA.

      Please ask in this place.

  2. Unknown User (jimsearle)

    Until there is a component in Jira, I'll put my requests here.

    1. Record who sent the mail, currently the job will just say "Started by command line" so we have no idea who started the job.
    2. Ability to define commands so I can send an email that just says "approve" instead of having to say "build approve".
    3. Allow api commands instead of cli, so I can say: "http://<YOUR_SERVER>/job/<JOBNAME>/batchTasks/<TASKNAME>/execute" to start a batchTask, since I can't figure out how to start a batch task using the cli or groovy.

    Thanks again for a great plugin!

  3. Unknown User (arylwen)

    I am getting a classnotfound exception for jenkins.model.Messages for Jenkins 1.420... anything I forgot to install ?

  4. Unknown User (subodhk)

    I am trying to send a parameterised build command through mail to Jenkins but it is not working as expected.

    Below is the subject of the mail

    build rel4.0-Patch -p RELEASE=auto -p TOBUILD_PACKAGE=cae -p TOBUILD_PATCHES=httpproxy -p BUILDNUM=auto

    I have tried it using the cli command and it works. Not sure why it doesnt work the same way as it works through cli.

    Please let me know the solution . Its urgent.

  5. Unknown User (simit)

    Hi Shikakura,

    Thanks for this plugin. However, I am unable to trigger job through mail. This is what I have in my configuration:

    Jenkins Configuration:

    Jenkins URL: http://localhost:8080/
    System Admin e-mail address: My gmail address
    SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
    Username: my gmail username
    Password: my gmail password
    Use SSL: True
    SMTP Port: 465

    I am able to send mail through Test Configuration

    My Job Configuration is:

    Schedule: */1 * * * *  (As I want to schedule my job every minute)
    POP3 mail server address: pop.gmail.com
    POP3 mail server port: 995
    POP3 User Name: my gmail username
    POP3 Password: my gmail password

    For the time being, I have kept the From and To email id as same.

    But, when I am sending a mail to gmail with the Subject 'build NameofTheJob' then the build id not getting triggered.

    On executing telnet pop.gmail.com 995 from cli I get a new blank screen

    Not sure, if jenkins-cli.jar is a pre-requisite for this plugin or if the Subject which I am sending to the mail is correct or not.


    1. Unknown User (mahesh_ingale)




      are you able to build project by sending an email ,I configured a project as per above steps .still project is not getting triggered .can you please help me to resolve this issue .



      Thanks in advance