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This plugin allows you to publish testing tools test result report.

When this plugin is installed and configured, Hudson can transform test result report produced by different testing tools into JUnit test result. Then, the JUnit tests can be recorded by Hudson. Hudson can provide useful information about test results, such as historical test result trend, web UI for viewing test reports, tracking failures, and so on.

The supported tools are:
* AUnit
* MSTest
* NUnit
* UnitTest++
* Boost Test Library
* CppUnit
* PHPUnit

For each tool, an embedded style sheet is used.
You can also add your own tool with your custom style sheet.


Currently, there is a specify plugin for each tool that doesn't provide JUnit test result report.
For instance, NUnit plugin, CppUnit plugin, Gallio plugin, MSTest plugin.
It's more suitable to have a generic plugin aggregating xUnit tools.



Boost Test Library

* Execute your Boost Test Library tests as a build step with the following
parameters "--output_format=XML --log_level=all --report_level=no".
* Give a pattern that specifies the boost tests result

A sample Boost result file for xUnit plugin

   <TestSuite name="Master Test Suite">
      <TestSuite name="test_suite">
         <TestCase name="test_1">
            <Info file="test.cpp" line="9">check i == j passed</Info>
         <TestCase name="test_2">
            <Error file="test.cpp" line="16">check i == j failed [1 != 2]</Error>

Compatibility with Hudson core








KO (#issue4257)




KO (#issue4257)


Version 0.2

* Add the support of Parasoft C++test
* Add the support of GoogleTest?
(feedback on issue 3007 and google thread)

Version 0.1.1 (Augut 18)

* Fixed java.util.MissingResourceException on Linux Plateform
* Fixed tests duration issue with Boost Test Library

Version 0.1 (Augut 17)

* Initial release

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