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This page is a collaborative entrypoint for developer resources about developing and testing Jenkins to run on Java 11.

This page is not designed to receive status updates for user-facing issues. But you are more than welcome to check and report such issues so that they show on the dedicated Known Java 11 Compatibility issues wiki page. 

How to

develop and test your plugin for running on Java 11

Use or update to plugin-pom:3.29+
https://github.com/jenkinsci/plugin-pom/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#329 3.29 contains some updates to be able to build and run your plugins using Java 11.

Release a plugin specifically for Java 11

The right way

First, please avoid doing this.

If you really think you have a case where you need it, we encourage you to come over the Jenkins developers mailing list to expose your case and see if we can find another way.

In any case, the strongly recommended way to handle this is stiill to update your plugin to plugin-pom:3.29 so your plugin embeds the new minimum version of Java requirement in its metadata. Since Jenkins 2.155, Jenkins is now able to leverage this metadata to filter out plugins that are compiled to run with a Java version higher than the current runtime one. Because this feature was only delivered in December 2018, you see why we still strongly recommend you do not deliver plugins requiring Java 11+: older versions of Jenkins will not filter out your plugin releases, and hence will crash while trying to load your plugin. So we need to give it time for 2.155+ to become a more wildly used minimal version for Jenkins. We do not expect this to happen at least before late 2019.

Run Jenkins using Java 11

WIP: Stay tuned: an article is planned to land on jenkins.io in the next hours/days (smile).

Run Plugin Compat Tester (aka PCT) using Java 11

Documented in the PCT repository: https://github.com/jenkinsci/plugin-compat-tester#running-pct-with-custom-java-versions

Run Acceptance Test Harness (aka ATH) using Java 11

Documented on the ATH repository: https://github.com/jenkinsci/acceptance-test-harness/blob/master/docs/JAVA11.md

Known developer tools issues

Please add known issues here.

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