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Plugin Information

View Warnings Next Generation on the plugin site for more information.

Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:

This plugin collects compiler warnings or issues reported by static analysis tools and visualizes the results.

Jenkins' Warnings Next Generation Plugin collects compiler warnings or issues reported by static analysis tools and visualizes the results. It has built-in support for almost hundred static analysis tools (including several compilers), see the list of supported report formats. It replaces the Jenkins Static Analysis Suite that has been part of the Jenkins plugin eco-system for more than ten years now. I.e. it makes the following Jenkins plugins obsolete: Android Lint, CheckStyle, Dry, FindBugs, PMD, Warnings, Static Analysis Utilities, Static Analysis Collector Plugins, Task Scanner, etc. 

Plugin in action

You can see the plugin in action on our Jenkins CI instance:

Features overview

The plugin provides the following features when added as a post build action (or step) to a job:

  1. The plugin scans the console log of a Jenkins build or files in the workspace of your job for any kind of issues. There are almost one hundred report formats supported. Among the problems it can detect:

    • errors from your compiler (C, C#, Java, etc.)

    • warnings from a static analysis tool (CheckStyle, StyleCop, SpotBugs, etc.)

    • duplications from a copy-and-paste detector (CPD, Simian, etc.)

    • vulnerabilities

    • open tasks in comments of your source files

  2. The plugin publishes a report of the issues found in your build, so you can navigate to a summary report from the main build page. From there you can also dive into the details:

    • distribution of new, fixed and outstanding issues

    • distribution of the issues by severity, category, type, module, or package

    • list of all issues including helpful comments from the reporting tool

    • annotated source code of the affected files

    • trend charts of the issues

External references


  1. Hello,

    How i can set custom ruleset for PMD , checkstyle , findbugs?

    1. The rules that are executed are defined in you build script (pom.xml, etc.). The plugin does only visualize the results.

  2. Hello,

    I used to be able to click on the filename that will take me to the exact line when in the Source Code View when using MSBuild and CPPCheck. I don't know exactly when, but I can no longer have the plugin take me to the exact line when analyzing the warning when I use CPPCheck. MSBuild still works though. Currently using v5.0.0. I also set the encoding right, but that didn't help.

    CPPCheck - unclickable


    MSBuild - clickable


  3. If there is no link then the absolute path of the filename could not be resolved. What kind of errors are visible in the error view off the CPPCheck results?

    1. Here's the error I saw in the log. I'm not sure how it can't copy test.cpp, as I can clearly see the file located in that directory:

      We run Jenkins Master using Windows, while the job above ran on a Jenkins slave node (Linux). Again this used to work. Not sure if it stopped after upgrading to 5.0.0.

      Edit: Oh i wonder if this is related to JENKINS-56007

      1. Yes, if you have security enabled then this will not work. However, MSBuild seems to work, that is strange. Or is MSBuild running on the master (or in the console log)?