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Plugin Information

View GPRbuild on the plugin site for more information.

This Jenkins plugin allows building GNAT projects with GPRbuild.

Main features

  • Manage multiple GNAT installations within Jenkins
  • Build (Ada) projects using GNAT project files (*.gpr) with the help of GPRbuild - configurable as build step in your pipeline.

Configuring GPRbuild in your pipeline

Beside the GUI pipeline builder you can use the following in your Jenkinsfile:

gprbuild installationName: <name of GNAT installation as configured in Jenkins>, proj: <*.gpr file>, names: <Source files containing an entry point>, switches: <GPRbuild switches>

Only installationName is required. Refer to https://docs.adacore.com/gprbuild-docs/html/gprbuild_ug.html for documentation of GPRbuild.