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Jenkins World blurb

Find out more about this plugin at Jenkins World 2017!


Helps administrators diagnose issues with their Jenkins install by periodically uploading support bundles to CloudBees Jenkins Insights.

Usage Requirements

  • An account with CloudBees Grandcentral → this account will be used to from the Jenkins Plugin.  Signup here.

To Use Plugin

From the Manage page, select "Manage CloudBees Jenkins Advisor"


Here, you can configure your CloudBees Grandcentral Account credentials as well as the contents of the support bundle that is sent to CloudBees.  You can test your connection here to ensure your support bundle will be able to reach the service.

Select the "Advanced Configuration" to customize your support bundle.

Configuration Options when running from Jenkins

There are a few command line/configuration file options to control the upload to CloudBees Jenkins Advisor.

Insights Upload Recurrence Period

Cannot be overridden at runtime. Requires restart to take effect. Defaults to (60 * 24) (24hrs).

Overriding with Java System Property:


Insights Upload Timeout

Can be overridden dynamically at runtime, via Script Console:

System.setProperty("com.cloudbees.insights.client.InsightsClientConfig.insightsUploadTimeoutMinutes", "120");

Settings are lost after restart.

Can be permanently added by amending Jenkins Java System Properties:


Defaults to 60 (minutes)



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