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How to


The following steps will assume Jenkins is setup as a Master with a Slave on another machine to execute the job's build and run ZAP

Create a New Item

  1. Open Jenkins
  2. New Item
    • Type: Freestyle project
  3. OK

Create the Workspace

  1. Go to the Job Summary Page


  2. Configure


  3. Restrict where this project can be run (True)

    Name of Slave where ZAP is installed

  4. Save
  5. Build Now

    New Empty workspace will be created on the Slave e.g. C:\Users\<USER_ID>\Jenkins\workspace\ZAP_EXAMPLE_JOB

Configure the Job to Execute ZAP

Add Build Step Execute ZAP

       Admin Configurations


           (info) The workspace directory will be shown there.
           (info) Override the default ZAP host (e.g. "localhost") and default ZAP port (e.g. "8090") for this job.


           Run as Pre-Build Step ((info) Leave unchecked)


           Select the JDK used by ZAP ((info) Leave as inheritFromJob)


       Installation Method

       Run Configurations

       ZAP Settings

       Session Management

       Session Properties

       Attack Mode

       Finalize Run

Version 1.3 (Feb 08, 2016)

  • (plus) add
  • (info) info
  • (error) error

Handy Hint

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