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A component of Pipeline Plugin.


3.3 (2019 Apr 25)

  • Developer: Add support for FlowNode to DefaultStepContext.get(Class) (PR 94)
  • Internal: Update parent POM and Javadoc so that the plugin can build with all tests passing on Java 11 (PR 92)

3.2 (2019 Feb 01)

  • JENKINS-51170: Enable the StepEnvironmentContributor extension point added in version 2.19 of Pipeline Step API Plugin
  • Fix: Add custom JEP-200 class filter entry so that org.jboss.marshalling.TraceInformation$IndexInfo, which may occur in some error messages related to saving and loading Pipeline builds, can be serialized and deserialized without any warnings being printed to build logs (PR 90)
  • Internal: Use APIs from newer versions of Jenkins core to clean up some code paths (PR 91)