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Adds Flyway as an available build step. See Flyway documentation at


Adds Flyway as an available build step. See Flyway documentation at


Install the flyway-runner plugin.
Install flyway on the server where your job will run, including any database driver.


Add your Flyway installation in Manage Jenkins -> Configure System.
Note that the jar file containing your database driver should be located in FLYWAY_HOME/lib.
Once defined, you may select "Invoke Flyway" as the step for any Jenkins Job.

Job DSL example:

Code Block
flywayRunner {

Jenkins Pipeline example:

Code Block
flywayrunner installationName: 'flywaytool', flywayCommand: 'migrate', credentialsId: 'bef7d729-6c22-4782-93a1-c3284ed6ebd1',  url: 'jdbc:mysql://', locations: '', commandLineArgs: ''

Release 1.9 (15 March 2017)

  • Added Symbols for Jenkins Pipeline support.

Release 1.8 (24 February 2017)

  • [JENKINS-41995] Allow environment variables in flywayCommand.

Release 1.7 (28 January 2017)

  • Added installation of flyway automatically from Maven central.

Release 1.6 (15 October 2016)

  • Added support for Job DSL.

Release 1.5 (3 October 2016)

  • Fixed null pointer exception when passing folder level credentials.

Release 1.4 (28 July 2016)

  • Added Credentials plugin support to enter database credentials.

Release 1.3 (27 May 2016)

  • Added support for pipeline

Release 1.2 (10 April 2016)

  • Changed Password field type to Secret

Release 1.1 (24 March 2016)

  • Resolving environment variables

Release 1.0 (13 March 2016)

  • First public release