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Release Notes

0.4 March 3 2016

  • (plus) Add methods to JiraSvc to get field values, update multi-select values, and directly obtain a JiraClient
  • (plus) Add UI control to discover fieldIds in 'Update a Field' JIRA operation
  • (plus) Add socket and connection timeouts (10s default, configured in global config)
  • (plus) Add ability set the Fix-Version of an issue
  • (minus) Fix bug with global config not persisting between restarts JENKINS-33249
  • (minus) Fix docs for fieldIds JENKINS-33055

0.3 (Failed release - eaten by INFRA-588)

0.2 Feb 4 2016

  • (plus) Add Job-DSL support
  • (plus) Add 'Mentioned in commit message' Issue Strategy

0.1 Jan Jan 11 2016

  • (plus) Initial release