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DeployHub’s Plug-In for Jenkins

DeployHub is a continuous deployment tool which automates software releases integrated into your continuous integration workflow.  It is offered as both an Open Source solution with a Pro upgrade for security, and audit reporting.  Using Jenkins with DeployHub improves the software deployment step of your continuous integration process allowing testing and production teams to more easily adopt the developer defined Jenkins Workflow.   The DeployHub Jenkins Plugin is called by Jenkins as a step in a job to perform the software deployment, without the need for Jenkins 'slaves' at multiple end-points or one-off deploy scripts. DeployHub then tracks a Build to a component and an end target (physical, virtual, cloud, container.) This enables you to utilize Jenkins to orchestrate your Continuous Integration process, while DeployHub does the heavy lifting of packaging the application stack and deploying it across your testing and production environments. The DeployHub Jenkins Plug-in includes a "Build Engine" object which can be connected to a Jenkins server. Each "Build Engine" can have one or more "Build Jobs" which relate to a particular Jenkins Project on that Jenkins Server. These "Build Jobs" can be linked to one or more components in DeployHub.


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How the DeployHub Jenkins Plugin Works