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Version 2.3.0
  • More logging and information in general for better debugging and understanding why builds fail. Part of feature implementation and re-factoring for JENKINS-27690, JENKINS-28590
  • Output to build console is extended and streamlines between the two different integration strategies (JENKINS-28590)
  • JENKINS-28590: Author of the integration commit is the author of the last commit on the development branch (instead of always the build user).
  • JENKINS-28596: It is possible for the accumulated to use a custom integration branch, a bug was fixed in this area.
  • Test were written to check commit message with quotes will not fail integration ( JENKINS-27662). There are still issue though, reported in unfixed issue JENKINS-28640
  • Changed test strategy toward static git repositories, that are added as test resources for the functional tests
  • JENKINS-27697: Improvements around releasing files for test repositories, so functional tests for the plugin will also run on Windows
  • JENKINS-29369: Changed accumulated commit message date strings to be English locale. (Not fixed is that timezone still local - see JENKINS-29377 and discussion here:
  • JENKINS-28640: Quotationmarks in commit message is replaced with single plings, as using quotationmarks lead to merge failure as they were not escaped properly.