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Allows admins to detect orphaned jobs automatically and deactivate or delete these jobs.

Three kinds of jobs get detected:

  • Jobs, that have never been built
  • Jobs, that have never been built successfully
  • Jobs, whose last successful build is too long ago

Jobs, that are deactivated won't get detected as well as jobs, which are configured to not get detected (opt out).

Administrator and users can configure the range in days, after that jobs are orphaned.

A job is orphaned, when last successful build (or job, when no successful build is available) is older than x days AND last manually triggered build is older than y days.

Wenn jobs get deactivated or deleted by this plugin, the job description get updated with an information and users get informed by email, if email addresses are registered.

Job configuration page:
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Global configuration page:

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Start page (in upcoming release):

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Result page:

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This is a management tool that helps Jenkins admins to detect orphaned jobs and deletes or disables chosen jobs.


Open issues

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Release 2.0 (upcoming)

  • Complete reeingineeringreengineering.
  • Spport for Pipelines and Folders.
  • Huge performance improvement.
  • No more global and job configuration needed.
  • Filter jobs by regex.
  • ...and much more!