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At the moment, the plugin lacks proper Job DSL support. It can, however, be configured through XML manipulation. Below is an example of a job configuration block , setting used to set up the pretested integration plugin.

Note: The order of job step declaration appears to matter. If you configure your job to clean up the ready branches after it's finished, be sure to place the plugin configuration block before the cleanup block. Otherwise the plugin will fail, seeing as the branch is removed before it can even start its work.

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configure { project ->
      project / 'buildWrappers' << 'org.jenkinsci.plugins.pretestedintegration.PretestedIntegrationBuildWrapper' {
               branch 'master'
               reponame 'origin'
               integrationStrategy(class:'org.jenkinsci.plugins.pretestedintegration.scm.git.SquashCommitStrategy') {}