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Basically the same setup needs to be applied if using the Multiple SCMs plugin, but you can benefit from additional behaviours like checking each git repository out to a subdirectory if needed. Still every git repository must be explicitly and uniquely named.


At the moment, the plugin lacks proper Job DSL support. It can, however, be configured through XML manipulation. Below is an example of a job configuration block, setting up the pretested integration plugin.

No Format

configure { project ->
      project / 'buildWrappers' << 'org.jenkinsci.plugins.pretestedintegration.PretestedIntegrationBuildWrapper' {
               branch 'master'
               reponame 'origin'
               integrationStrategy(class:'org.jenkinsci.plugins.pretestedintegration.scm.git.SquashCommitStrategy') {}


Code contributions were initially made by Computer Science students at University of Copenhagen as part of a study project