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IBM z/OS Connector is a plugin which lets you connect your Jenkins to z/OS.

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This plugin provides its functions via FTP connection to IBM z/OS LPAR. You can configure your SCLM project on z/OS and then check for the changes via Jenkins.

Features include:

  • Submission of user JCL job (with optional log collected upon finish)
  • Introduction of SCLM as SCM for your projects allowing to ceckout SCLM changes
    • The ability to build SCLM projects currently can be performed only via 'Submit zOS Job' build action


After you've installed IBM zOS Connector into your jenkins CI you will need to  do the following steps in order to enable its functionality.

SCLM integration
  1. In the Jenkins CI project select 'SCLM' as SCM. In the menu Image Added