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Multiple Jenkins Jobs Using A Single BuildMaster Application

It is vital that you use the "Select BuildMaster Application" build step as this this build step will queue any jobs that have been triggers so that you cannot get two jobs triggering a build in BuildMaster at the same time

If you have multiple Jenkins jobs all triggering a build for the same BuildMaster application check out the following two options as a means to ensure that the new BuildMaster build picks up artifacts from only the Jenkins jobs that have build for its release.

  1. "Enable Deployable in BuildMaster": selectively enables deployables for a release
    1. In BuildMaster you must ensure that Deployables are disabled by default for a release
    2. The "Select BuildMaster Application" Deployable option must be set to the correct deployable
  2. "Copy Previous Build's Variables": if checked will gather the variables from the previous build and add them to the list of variables being passed in for this build, overriding any that are being set for this build.
    1. This could be useful if you're only passing in pointers to a version, eg you keep your artficats in Artifactory or Nexus

Warning: If three different jobs request a new build at the same time the first to get in will be fine, the remaining two may encounter a race condition, especially if "Copy Previous Build Variables" is selected. It is unlikely to happen but I am investigating the possibility of queuing this step across all Jenkins builds.


Version 1.2 (May 14, 2015)