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-> 1.18
  • Add support for folder projects.
  • Correcting issue with default credentials.
  • Correcting issue with ghRepository being null when it shouldn't be.
  • Ignoring case when matching repo to url.
  • Changing the wording for pull requests that are mergeable.
  • Change requestForTesting phrase to a textArea.
  • Check if project is disabled, if it is then don't do anything.
-> 1.14
  • A comment file can be created during the build and added to any comment made to the pull request. podarok#33
  • Added a ``skip ci`` setting, that can be changed. Adding the skip statement to the pull request body will cause the job not to run. sathiya-mit#29
  • Escaping single quotes in log statements tIGO#38
  • Fixed owner name deduction from url on github hook handling nikicat#40
  • Removed unused Test field from the config
-> 1.13-1
  • Replacing deprecated Github.connect method. tIGO#39
  • Added a merge plugin for post build. If the build is successful, the job can specify conditions under which the pull request "button" will be pressed.

Fixes issue with checking rate limits for GitHub Enterprise
Internal refactorings
Fixes checking of TriggerTimer (JENKINS-22550)