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  1. Every time Jenkins launches a program locally/remotely, it prints out the command line to the log file. So when a remote execution fails, login to the computer that runs the master by using the same user account, and try to run the command from your shell. You tend to solve problems quickly in this way.
  2. Each slave has a log page showing the communication between the master and the slave agent. This log often shows error reports.
  3. If you use binary-unsafe remoting mechanism like telnet to launch a slave, add the -text option to slave.jar so that Jenkins avoids sending binary data over the network.
  4. When the same command runs outside Jenkins just fine, make sure you are testing it with the same user account as Jenkins runs under. In particular, if you run Jenkins master on Windows, consult How to get command prompt as the SYSTEM user.
  5. Feel free to send your trouble to one of our mailing lists|

Windows slave service upgrades

If a newer version of the Jenkins windows service wrapper (jenkins-slave.exe) is available it will be replaced and used on the next start of the service. On very rare occasions the service wrapper may change it's behaviour that would require a change in configuration of the service. This can not be done automatically as the service configuration may not be the default and as such could break an installation.

A quick fix of this is to uninstall the jenkins service then verify the service xml is up-to-date (and contains any site configuration such as the user credentials) and then re-install the service.

Other manual task that may fix the issue:

  • Jenkins > 1.565.1 - a message similar to Restart failure. 'C:\jenkins\jenkins-slave.exe restart' completed with 0 but I'm still alive in the slave error logs. In the windows service manager edit the service configuration to restart the service on failure and add -noReconnect to the slave arguments in the service xml configuration.

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