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Enables Jenkins to upload Android apps (APK files) and related info to Google Play.


  • Uploading APK files to Google Play
    • This includes apps which use Multiple APK support
    • ProGuard mapping.txt files can also be associated with each APK, for deobfuscating stacktraces
  • Uploading APK expansion (.obb) files
    • With the option to re-use expansion files from existing APKs, e.g. for patch releases
  • Assigning apps to alpha, beta or production release tracks
    • This includes a build step for moving existing APKs to a different track
    • e.g. You can upload an alpha in one job, then later have another job promote it to beta
  • Staged rollout of production apps
  • Assigning release notes to uploaded files, for various languages
  • Changing the build result to failed if the configuration is bad, or uploading APKs fails for some reason
  • Every configuration field supports variable and token expansion, allowing release notes to be dynamically generated, for example
  • Integration with the Google OAuth Plugin, so that credentials can be entered once globally and shared between jobs
    • Multiple Google Play accounts are also supported via this mechanism