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This page is a follow-on from a!searchin/jenkinsci-dev/matrix/jenkinsci-dev/XxPqJDCrf6M/TZfqYHV9ehwJ|!searchin/jenkinsci-dev/matrix/jenkinsci-dev/XxPqJDCrf6M/TZfqYHV9ehwJJenkins Dev List conversation around Jenkins browser compatibility.

Basically, we came up with the following three-tier proposal:


Jenkins web browser support falls into one of three classes:

  1. Level 1:  Aim to proactively fix these browsers and provide an equal UX across all.
  2. Level 2 (L2):  Accept patches to fix issues and make a best effort to ensure there is at least one way to do any action.
  3. Level 3 (L3):  No guarantees.  We We will accept patches, but only if they are low risk. This is the default unless a browser/version is listed below.

We do not claim any compatibility with


, or accept bug reports


and patches, for pre-release (e.g. alpha, beta or canary) versions of browsers.

Google Chrome

(L1) support for the latest and greatest browser available from the Chrome release channel.

Mobile support?


(L1) support for the latest and greatest browser available from the Firefox release channel.

(L2) support for ESR releases.

Mobile support?

Internet Explorer

(L1) support for IE11

(L2) support for IE9 and IE10

(L3) support for IE8 and lower

Specific OS versions?

Mobile support?


(L1) support for v6 and v7 on Mac

(L2) support for v5 on Mac

(L3) support for v4 and lower

Mobile support?

Windows support?

Others (Opera etc)



Level 1

Level 2


Google Chrome

Latest regular release


Mozilla Firefox

Latest regular release
Latest ESR release



Microsoft Internet Explorer

Version 11

Versions 9 and 10

Specific OS Versions?

Apple Safari

Versions 6 and newer

Version 5 release (OS X only)


These rules were adopted on 2014-09-03 for Jenkins 1.579 and up.


Unless otherwise noted, only the latest minor release / patch level of each version is supported.


Support for mobile browsers (e.g. iOS Safari) has not yet been determined