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The plugin rely on the SCM plugin to establish the workspace and then take over to do the integration and later make the decision wether to like and commit the result or hate and discard it. To get a comprehensive introduction to how the plugin relies on the SCM plugin please read the blog post at the JOSRA: Pretested Integration Plugin.

We are going for The short version is:

Set the branch specifier to the pattern you'd like to trigger the integration we recommend origin/ready/**: Image Added

In the current version of the pretested integration plugin we also rely on the folloing two beaviours to be added to the Git SCM plugin:

  • Clean af checkout
  • Prune stale remote-tracking branches

We are offering a one-click-configuration. so So after the plugin is installed simply go to the job, enable pre tested pretested integration by clicking 'Use pretested ingegrationintegration'. Everything should now be configured and work out of the box, if you integration branch is master. 


Code contributions were initially made by Computer Science studentsat students at University of Copenhagen as part of a study project