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This plugin creates a Jabber-Server for your builtin-users using the Jenkin's Domainname (you need a .jks-File).

Target Audience

This Document is for Adminstrators Administrators and for all who are able to install Plug-ins into a already installed Jenkins-CI.


Feel free to ask questions that are emerged by this Pages, i will try to find a matching answer and the right place for in github or similar pages.


The structure of this Wiki-Pages shall be a work of reference, so questions that may come will be answered multiple times, right to the place the questions will occour. For any common questions related to this plug-in, look for the FAQ-Page.



Preparation to Installation

Get sure that the Plug-in is not yet installed and you have the right to install plug-ins. Get sure you can claim a open Socket for the connection, favored is the port 5222.


  1. Press Install without restart or Download now and install after restart.

See the Jabber-Plugin

Preparation to Integration

Get sure that the Plug-in is successfully installed (See #Installation) and you have either a .jks-File for the server, or you have access to the Shell of the Server.
Get sure that Jenkins has security enabled via the Configure Global Security-Page. The "Jenkin's standard user database": must be activated.


The integration unfortunately is not such easy as the Installation was. To create the key (Step 2) is only neccessary if you do not already have a .jks-File for the Server.

  1. Log in into the Server's shell.
  2. Create a keystore for the self-signed SSL-Encryption (optional). Use in example the
    @keytool -genkey -keyalg RSA -alias SERVER-NAME -keystore REPLACEME.jks -storepass password -validity 360 -keysize 2048@
  3. Copy the absolute path of the generated REPLACEME.jks-File and update the Jabber-Server-Configuration, update password in the Plug-in's configuration to the Storepass.