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Using this plugin you can promote artifacts by moving release candidates into release repositories.

Artifact promotion 

If you're applying continuous delivery you won't do the 'Maven Way of artifact lifecycle' using Snapshots and Releases but will continuously create release candidates.

By this, you build always (in the maven wording) releases (candidates) and you have to decide which release candidate should be promoted into the next stage (e.g. production). So we have to label an artifact as release candidate or release or something else.

Using the Pro-Versions of Sonatype Nexus or JFrog Artifactory this is already supported ( a little bit) but if you are using the free versions you have to manage this by your own. One way is to move the artifact from one (staging) repository into an other (release) repository (despite some guys says that this is an anti pattern, like .

This plugins does this moving for you. Originally implemented as a maven plugin it is now ported to Jenkins and supports currently Nexus OSS. As Nexus doesn't support a move it is implemented using a copy/delete pattern.

Current state

The plugin is under development and i would state it as an 'beta' version. 

There are many todos:

  • using the Credentials Plugin to save the Repository authentication informations (currently they are stored using the build in secure functionality)
  • making it more robust / resilent
  • making it flexible to support different repository servers (the preparation is already done with the latest release) 
  • maybe integrate / use the promoted builds plugin

The next thing I'll implement is the support for Artifactory.


I've tested it with some 2.x version of Nexus OSS but have not at all the possibility to test with various versions. Most critical point is the access to Nexus via REST to delete.

Please feel free to contribute for other repository servers like

  • Nexus Pro
  • Artifactory and Aertifactory Pro
  • Apache Archiva

Please feel to come up with your suggestions.

See the Github Repo @ Please see the Github Repo @ for more details and documentation.

Furthermore, please use in case of problems the issue tracker for the source code - fork and create pull requests!

Change Log

Version 0.3.7 (23.09.2015)

  • a minor bugfix for the JobDSL plugin

Version 0.3.6 (23.09.2015)

  • support for JobDSL Plugin

Version 0.3.5 (28.05.2015)

  • Make the deletion of artifacts from source repo configurable
  • some minor changes